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A wide range of roles are available within Acorn Stairlifts. Click on the buttons below to find out more about the types of career we offer across our various departments.

Manufacturing Department

Acorn’s global success is built on the unrivalled quality, reliability and value-for money of its products. Stairlifts are all that we do, so we aim to make them the best that money can buy. Key to this aim is our Production department, where highly trained colleagues manufacture, assemble and test every component of our industry-leading stairlift rails and carriages. Continual innovation in stairlift design and manufacture has made Acorn a world leader.

Sales Department

Our Sales teams expertly guide our customers through our sales process to ensure that they not only purchase the best stairlift solution for their needs, but also receive excellent aftercare and customer service for the length of their Acorn journey. We do this by having a strong knowledge of our products, a thorough understanding of customer profiles and, above all, by building a productive rapport with our customers.

Installations Department

Our highly skilled team of Field Engineers install and maintain our stairlifts within customers’ homes. They are passionate about providing excellent service and building positive relationships with our customers. Our engineers work carefully, with great attention to detail, ensuring our products meet or exceed industry health and safety standards. Opportunities within field service include stairlift installation, servicing and general maintenance at regional and national level.

Service & Support Department

Our Customer Service department strives to make each and every aspect of our customers’ experience a positive one, leaving lasting impressions on our customers by assisting them in the best ways possible. Opportunities within customer service include team leaders, customer service and customer relations administration, planning, installation co-ordinators and field service roles, including installation and maintenance engineers.

Words from Our Employees

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Operations Manager Careers

Service & Support Careers

Gold stars
A Great Place to Work

“A great place to work if you are looking for job satisfaction and a good salary. Training is excellent and has been ongoing throughout my time here. Helping customers is really satisfying. The role can be demanding, but so can all jobs.”

Acorn Stairlifts Installer | UK Employee
(Feb 2023)

Gold stars
Hidden Gem

“If you’re looking for a local company that offers job satisfaction, fun well-being activities and progression opportunities, then I honestly think Acorn is the place to be. It’s the first job where I genuinely enjoy being at work.”

Service Coordinator | UK Employee
(Feb 2023)

Gold stars
Great Work Life, Freedom to Earn As Much As I Need

“I love my job – great work/life balance. I’m given the opportunity to progress and earn as much as I like and/or need. My feel I’m paid well for the work I do. Engineers can have the opportunity travel throughout Europe (Italy, France & Germany) and training at Acorn is second to none. I have had the opportunity to gain an NVQ. The management and tech support are good. Overtime and extra money can be earned through bonuses and/or working away.”

Service Coordinator | UK Employee
(Feb 2023)

Gold stars

“I worked at Acorn for many years and enjoyed my time there. Management is fair with staff and I had an all-round a great experience. Great buzz on the sales floor.”

Sales Advisor | Former UK Employee
(Jan 2023)

Gold stars
Room For Progression & Friendly Workplace

“I started in the customer service department and whilst in training, we were navigated through the different departments and given a brief description on their roles within the company. I mentioned early in training that I liked the sound of the planning department and thought their role of organising the engineers and their jobs appeared fun but also challenging, and that it would be something I’d like to try in the future. I finished training and started in customer services and was immediately rewarded for doing well and quickly becoming top call taker. I was praised for the job I was doing and asked if I would like to move to planning as the managers knew I had taken an interest during training, saw how well I took to customer services and believed I would be a good fit. I moved to planning and have loved working there so far. I get along well with the engineers and enjoy working with the planning team. It was the best move for me, and I appreciated management for acknowledging what I mentioned in the beginning.”

Service Planning Coordinator | UK Employee
(July 2022)

Gold stars
Friendly Place to Work

“A friendly place to work. The management respect and trust you, providing you work responsibly. There are opportunities to progress. Free parking on-site.”

QC Inspector | UK Employee
(Nov 2022)

Gold stars
Productive and Fun Workplace

“I’ve worked for Acorn Stairlifts since I was 19 years old. I’ve now just turned 40 and am still happy with my job meeting the older generation and putting a smile back on their faces after giving them the ability to regain their confidence and stay in their family home. I’ve been given some fantastic opportunities to work abroad in the US, Germany and Italy. I’ve also completed NVQ levels 1, 2 and 3 in Lift Engineering and was given the opportunity to complete and pass my Class 1 HGV driver’s license, all courtesy of Acorn... you can further your skills and career within the Company.”

Installation Engineer | UK Employee
(July 2021)

Gold stars
Excellent Training

“Everything is positive from my point of view. From the interview and training to being on the road, there is always help available when needed. You will never be left on your own to struggle; help is available from fellow engineers, senior technical engineers, and management.”

Field Service Engineer | UK Employee
(Aug 2022)